12k Burner Cap Part Number 10100020
Compatible with HRD / HRG / HRT Models
12k Burner Ring Base Part Number 10100022
12k Burner Ring Base Fits all HRG/HRD Models
12k Burner Ring Part Number 10100021
12k Burner Ring Compatible with HRD and HRG Models
12k/18k Single Burner Valve Brass - Part Number 10090007
12k / 18k Single burner valve brass Fits HRD and HRG models 30 - 48 inches, HRT 36-48. Used for previous generation models. Part includes ignition switch.
15K Burner Kit-Brass Part Number 10210270
15k Burner Kit in brass. High temperature black paint This can be painted with high temperature paint Used on all HRG and HRD models.  
15k Burner Support Pipe Part Number 10100069
Also called Venturi Tube Fits all HRG/HRD Models Compatibility Chart HRG MODEL  HRD MODEL HRG3080U HRD3088U HRG3618U HRD3606U HRG4808U HRD4803U HRG3080ULP HRD3088ULP HRG3618ULP HRD3606ULP HRG4808ULP HRD4803ULP
15K Conducting Plate Screw Part Number 10060114
Mounting screw for Grounding Clips and Electrodes Fits all 15K burners on THOR Kitchen HRG, HRD, and HRT models  
15K Conductive Plate Part Number 10060330
Copper Grounding Clip for 15k burner Fits all 15K burners on THOR Kitchen HRG, HRD, and HRT models  
15k Dual Burner Valve Brass Part Number 10090020
Part includes ignition switch. Single burner valve for HRD, HRG and HRT 36/48 Models Used for previous generation models. Brass valve serial range HRG4808 serial prior to 7195 HRD4803 serial prior to 4417 HRG3618 serial prior to 6413 HRD3606 serial prior...
18k Burner Base Part Number 10100078
18k Burner Base Fits all HRG/HRD Models
18k Burner Cap Part Number 10100076
Fits all HRG/HRD/HRT Models
18k Burner Cup Part Number 10100079
Fits all HRG/HRD Models
18k Flame Ring Part Number 10100077
Fits all HRG/HRD Models
Sold Out
36" Oven Door Gasket Part Number 10110014
36" Oven Door Gasket Fits all Models
Sold Out
Bake Igniter Kit Part Number 10410020
Bake Igniter Kit. Includes 2 wire nuts. Fits the following THOR Kitchen models and functions: Model Prefix Bake Broil Griddle LRG Yes Yes Yes HRG Yes HRG3080 Only Yes HRD No No Yes HRT No No Yes
Broil Igniter - Part number 10070410
Ignites Broiler 7 1/2 inches long for most Thor gas ranges. some models excluded.
Dual Safety Valve Part Number 10090055
Part includes ignition switch. This valve is used to release gas into bake or broil. Compatible with LRG / HRD Models Used for previous generation models.
Handle Base Support Screw Part Number 10060283
Support screw for the base of the refrigerator handle Fits all THOR Kitchen HRF3601 models manufactured prior to 2019
Heating Element Bake 2500 Watts HRD4803U/LP Small Oven Part Number 10100124
2500 watt bake element. Bake element for small oven. Heats oven in bake mode Compatible with HRD4803U/LP
HRD Dual Burner Knob Part Number 10220090
Long Shaft Design Fits all HRD Models
HRD series single burner knob Part Number 10220143
Single Burner knob Compatible with all HRD Models
HRG - LED single burners knob Part Number 10220156
factory part number 22.99.000156-000-A0 short shaft design used on serial range 02882 to 05181 these models will have the burner valve shafts extending out past the control panel

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